Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travel Trailer in Progress

Part of the reason I haven't been out to buy a new memory card for the camera (or much of anything else) is that my van has been hooked up to the trailer since we picked it up on Saturday. Parking is only allowed on one side of the street, so it's across the street (that's the house with the three legged dog.)
Travel Trailer and Van
Sunday we gave the outside a good scrubbing, and repainted the stripes with spray paint. The stripes don't appear to be original, but someone else added them at some time in the trailer's history, and they needed touching up. We also did all the grates and vent covers. I tape, John paints, he has a much better hand with a spray can than I do.
16' 1975 Fleetwood Prowler
The kids and I stripped some late '80's or early '90's baby blue floral striped Contact paper off the kitchen walls to reveal the original wall paper (now seen only on the backs of the cupboards:)
Original Wallpaper
The new wall paper is a slighty boring, but easy to live with beige with navy stars:
New Wallpaper
We took the molding off to put the wall paper up, and it's missing the range hood and a light fixture.
The two biggest windows have the new curtains on them already, and I'm almost done with the rest of them. But it's easy to see why new seat covers are the next thing on the "To Do" list:
Couch w/ New Curtain

Dining Table w/ New Curtain
To the right of the dinette is a piece of plywood for the last owner's TV. It will go at some point. Above the dinette is a bunk that pulls down.
Here's Audrey's beloved Pooh faucet and the not-so beloved herb print Contact Paper wall covering in the bathroom:
Pooh Faucet
There is a small shower (with a new white shower curtain) and a commode in the bathroom, and it's not the type where you sit on the commode to shower, which is appreciated. Audrey is still pushing to do the bathroom up all Pooh.

For an initial investment of $500 for the trailer bought off Craigs List, I think it's got a fair amount of potential. It's CLEAN, has good bones, and the last owner did some of the mechanical stuff like new tail lights and new plumbing. The trailer we had looked at before this belonged to an unshaven chain-smoking guy wearing camoflage who used it as his hunting trailer. It had a lot more yuck-factor. And speaking of yuck-factor, I need to get off the computer and on the sewing machine. I have work to do:
Worst of the Seats


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