Monday, July 23, 2007

Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

The neighbors' dog was hit by a pick-up truck last week. Ella Mae is a year old Humane Society dog who looks like a black lab/whippit mix. Her primary owner is the neighbors' 15 year-old daughter, who was right there with her mom when it happened. They were getting the dog out of the car when she saw a cat across the street (probably one of mine) and ran after it. That kind of stuff happens. I keep my dogs on-leash getting out of the car, and we still have the occasional mishap.

Today is Ella's first day home after having one of her legs amputated. She came to the door herself when I brought over her "get well" gift. Despite being pretty dopey, she was wagging her tail so hard she just about knocked herself off her feet.

Get Well Soon for Dog

In other news, we bought a 1975 Fleetwood Prowler 16' Travel Trailer over the weekend. Pictures to follow. My memory card, which has over a year's worth of pictures on it, is finally full.

We spent all day yesterday washing the moss and grime off the outside and starting on the inside. It seems like the perfect trailer for us. The previous owner was a home remodeling contractor, and his wife didn't sew. So despite new plumbing and some other nifty structural/mechanical things, the seat-covers are original 1975 green stripes and the curtains were towels folded over the rods and stapled, so the price was right. I'm already in possession of 5 yards of white muslin for curtains and 18 yards of upholstry fabric. Whine . Is it too late to pretend that I don't sew??


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bummer, where be the pics!!! memory sticks are only $25 bucks now!!!

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