Saturday, July 14, 2007


Callie Napping
See how peaceful and good this dog looks? HA! I walked about 10 miles today (about 4 miles more than planned,) part of it getting dragged painfully through the underbrush by this dog. This dog here, who's sleeping so angelically and looks like she wouldn't even think of yanking the leash out my hands and taking off into the woods after who-knows-what, getting tangled around a tree, and after being rescued, dragging me out through dense brush that included wild roses and blackberry vines. Ouch!

Part of that whole misadventure is that I dropped my cell phone, the one I've had for two weeks that I'm planning to have for the next two years. So I had to take the dogs home, enlist the help of the son (who was only sleeping and therefore glad to come to my aid,) and get another cell phone so I could call the one I had lost in the woods. Fortunately, except for the round trip to the logging roads (20 miles or so), the extra walk, and the fact that it made me late meeting my husband for lunch, that part was really easy. I hadn't dropped it while I was crashing through the bushes, I dropped it tying my shoe or something right out in the middle of the path.

I haven't been blogging every day while Audrey has been gone. I've been working on a project. With that stretch of hot weather we had, and the only air conditioning in the house being the small window unit John put up last weekend in the weird little room at the back of the house, I was spending a fair amount of time back there. The room is about 10' x 14' and is off both the kids' bedrooms. We called it the playroom, but really it was more of a closet. We put a futon mattress (and later a futon) back there and called it a guest room, but it was still more of a closet. Well, it's looking a lot less like a closet these days, with the fresh paint, and the brand new sticks from Pier 1 (the irony of someone who walks the dogs in the woods every day buying a bunch of sticks from China at Pier 1 is not lost on me.)

New Corner of My Home

Yeah, it's looking a little monochromatic. I was too tired after this morning's adventure to get the blue denim sheets out of the basement and put them in the basket of guest bedding for the picture. And there's not only sticks and potpourri in there, there's also satellite TV, the fore-mentioned air conditioning, and FLOOR.


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