Monday, July 16, 2007


The last thing I sewed was a costume. The thing before that was a costume. The thing before that, and the thing before that and the thing before that, all costumes.

There is nothing more boring to sew than curtains, but that's what I broke my long run of costumes with. The play/guest room needed new curtains; the ones that were up there came with the house and were pretty ratty. They were especially ratty after Audrey discovered the joy of commercial chain stitch and ripped the bottom lace edge off, leaving me wondering why the curtains were worse than I remembered and suddenly too short. I realized what had happened when I found the ripped off bits stuffed in the back of the armoire while I was cleaning---no loss though, they were due to be replaced.

James has been my partner on the back room project. He's considerably more conservative than I might be, and he said "white curtains." I looked all over town for a cheap, coarse white sheet. Sleepers everywhere will be glad to know that thread counts have soared in the last several years, and the coarse percale sheet is an endangered species. Not needing something upwards of 200 threads per inch, or modal, or bamboo, or organic for this project, just a plain coarse sheet, I was not so lucky. James said "why don't you go to the fabric store." That's where I found clearanced linen, and bought all that was left of the white, for a whopping $3.16. There was nothing left over, but curtains were made.


Since I had the sewing machine out and all loaded with white thread, I got out some of the flannel Audrey and I had picked out to make receiving blankets for Katy's baby. We picked out coordinating prints for 3 or 4 of these, and here's the first one finished, with a matching burp pad. Ducks on the outside, polka dots on the lining:

Duck Blanket and Burp Pad

James approved of the blankets, though he doesn't like that marble tile.


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