Sunday, July 08, 2007

Walking the Dogs

My neighbor Donna (West, to the South) says I shouldn't walk the dogs on the logging roads. She wasn't too happy when I told her I was walking the dogs up there by myself to begin with, and doubly so after yesterday. She says I have my children to think of, and what would become of them if their mother were to be killed by a bear?

My friend Missy, in Maui, the one Audrey is visiting, says maybe I should find someplace less rural to walk the dogs.

I asked myself if I wanted to go back to the logging roads KNOWING there is a bear up there. The answer is that I enjoy walking the dogs there, and I am in the habit of walking the dogs there, and until I find someplace better to walk the dogs, it works for me----but maybe I'll go later in the day, when it's too warm to go running around in a bear skin coat.

It was 74 degrees when we left town at 11:30. The dogs seemed to think it was plenty warm by the end of our walk.

Dog Walk July 8

I walked up the road that we call the one to the "viewpoint," which is near the top of a hill. About half-way up the freeway noise fades into the background, kind of like running water, and the birds are the loudest thing around us. The view off over the freeway looks a like this:

View w/Cellphone tower

I intentionally put the cell phone tower in the picture, because it's an important part of my walk. I start walking level with the tower (which is enormous but the depth and scale of the picture aren't the best,) and about 1/2 a mile on the other side of it. Because of the tower I have perfect cell phone reception, better than I do within the concrete walls of our house. That's commercial forest on the hills in the background, and the bald spots are where they've harvested the trees but haven't replanted yet. All the green in the foreground of the picture is also trees, some older ones poking up above the younger ones.

We rarely, rarely see another person. It's scenic. There are extravagant amounts of wildflowers. The daisies are finishing up, since it's been so warm and dry, and I'll miss them.

Daisies and Dandelions

Of course, one of the main reasons I like to walk up there is that we can go for miles and miles, which the dogs need.

Dogs walking July 8


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