Saturday, July 07, 2007


I realized later I had a camera on me. Much later. Even if I had remembered at the time, I wouldn't have stopped to take a picture.

I took the dogs out for a hike on the logging roads this morning. It's been so hot that other than a hectic little walk near the lake late last night they haven't been out in a couple of days. Since they were kind of antsy I took them north on a short piece of road that isn't particularly scenic, and is noisy because it's next to the freeway, but has the advantage of being somewhere I've never seen wildlife (like deer, elk, coyotes or porcupines.) Well, we came around a curve, and there was something big and brown in the middle of the road. Cozy saw it too. Callie was sniffing off behind us, and oblivious. I distinctly remember what went through my head:

"Oh no, what's that? That's a bear."

And I turned around and walked (briskly) back the other way, and didn't look back (Cozy did.)

We continued our walk in another direction, doing an hour and half, which is about 6 miles by my estimates. And didn't see the bear again.

Note: I've been Google-ing and Wiki-ing and the only brown bear native to this part of the country is the grizzly bear. I ran into a grizzly bear when I was out walking the dogs.


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