Thursday, July 05, 2007

INTENSE Heatwave Bakes Western U.S.

AOL updated their headline on the heat. Just thought I should reflect that.

I got the chicken grilled with no mishaps, and really no adventure:
Chicken on the Grill

I dragged the little roaster oven out of the basement, and it's plugged in outside the kitchen door with potatoes baking in foil with butter and sea salt. I don't use the roaster oven very often, but when I do I'm glad to have it. James and I are headed out to Fred Meyer for salad stuff.

The raspberries are still coming, the blackberries are going to be abundant, and I'm even going to have a precious few of these:
Blueberries Coming

I promised Audrey more frequent blogging so she could know what we are up to while she's away. Right now we're up to about 88 degrees in the house. We don't have that thin Southern blood anymore. It's WARM in here.


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