Monday, July 23, 2007

Guest Blogger

Audrey wrote a great e-mail to one of her friends about the travel trailer. Since a couple of the relatives are regular blog readers (if not commenters,) I'm lifting it and using it as blog fodder.

"My family got a travel trailer for our big three week car trip that we are going on very soon. I think in a little more than a week. Something like a week and a half maybe. Anyway we are fixing up our cute little trailer. The outside was pretty dirty so my parents cleaned it. Then we went and redid the stripes on the paint job. After that we got rid of the ugly and dirty purple chenille pillows that I hated not to mention the stapled, (not sewed), towel curtains. I think the towel curtains were the worst because they didn't let any light in and were just awful. (Dark green terry cloth is NOT ideal window treatment.) Also the seats need some work. They have that horrid, heavy, tweed, striped green and yellow, circa 1975 seat covers. So my mom and I are going to sew some nice white muslin curtains with navy blue binding. The binding is to match the seat covers we are going to be sewing, (probably forever, we have 18 YARDS of fabric!), they are going to made of this gorgeous navy blue damask material. It is absolutely fabulous and like I said before GORGEOUS!

The trailer is pretty small but it's just about the perfect size for my family. The couch folds out into a double bed for my parents. The table drops down and the seat cushions from the little table nook cover the table to make a bed for me. James gets to sleep in the bunk/loft that folds down above my bed. Suddenly there is only enough room on the floor for the dogs and a way into the bathroom.

I love that bathroom. Well not the bathroom, just the Winnie The Pooh faucet that the trailer came with! I thought that we should redo the bathroom completely Winnie The Pooh but let's just say my parents weren't completely sold on the idea. I personally think it would be perfect. I mean, SERIOUSLY, a POOH themed bathroom! How perfect is THAT?!? I absolutely love the idea. Plus then we could put eore and piglet and roo and all the other characters up on the walls. Still my parents refuse. But I'll get them. I'll get my portable pooh bathroom. Much better than Barbie's Malibu dream house if you ask me.

So far this trailer has been work but I think it's coming along nicely. The outside is looking pretty good. And when the inside comes completely together it will be very pretty. The little kitchen area had ugly flower wall paper that my mom and I took down. It was so disgusting because it was oily from people cooking. The stove and oven are super cute though. Our little magic chef oven is so super mini cute. But taking down wall paper and putting up navy blue star wall paper was no easy task. I'm going to take lots of pictures of our cute little trailer for my summer scrapbook. "

I've started turning the 5 yards of bleached muslin into 10 yards of curtains. After thinking about it, I realized that we are also going to need light-blocking curtains to protect the interior, since the vast majority of the time it's just going to be parked in a storage yard across town. I don't want to talk about a second set of 10 yards of curtains (stapled towels, maybe?) I'm also currently ignoring that roll of 18 yards of navy blue upholstry fabric I'm supposed to make seat covers out of.


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I liked the guest blogger's post. :) Can J or J write as well, or is it only the females in the household that excel at that art?

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