Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heat Wave Bakes Western States

Yep. Heat wave. My family in Arizona are having about 116 degrees, I think. More actually, because I happen to know that the official temperature is taken in the middle of a grassy field at the airport, and the city and suburbs are mostly black-top and concrete and are hotter. Ewwww. Yuck. Can I even complain about almost 90??? I have no air conditioning in the house, surely I can whine a little bit. Just a little bit. John's Dad's family in Texas got more than a year's worth of rain last month. What's a little ol' heat wave compared to that? (Insert very small whine here.)

Audrey is in Maui, and was suffering from a little homesickness last night (and got stung by a bee out on the lanai while blowing bubbles with the boys.) Hopefully she's having a good day today.

Okay, so I have this cute little stucco Tudor cottage, which really likes to stay the temperature it is. It takes several hours for it to heat up to the outside temperature early in the day, but then it holds the heat for hours after it cools off again at night. That means I'm not cooking dinner in the house. So I'm off to clean the charcoal grill. The new one that I DON'T LIKE, the one that DUMPED the steaks in the coals the last (and only) time I used it. More about adventures in grilling later, I'm sure.


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