Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I would say I'm working like a dog on this cushion recovering project, but the dogs aren't working terribly hard. Or maybe they are, they seem to be working overtime trying to be the center of attention.
Callie on My Fabric
This isn't a piece of fabric left on the floor that I came back to find a dog on, this is the piece of fabric that was in my hands that I was working on.

Today I took the minivan to the dealership to see what the "check engine" light was doing on, before we start this 5,000 mile odyssey, pulling almost a ton of trailer. Turns out the catalytic converter isn't quite up to snuff. They got it within "manufacturers guidelines" by cleaning some other things, but they recommend a new one. They were nice enough to refer me to a local shop they trust. Toyota dealership price for a new catalytic converter: $1,400. "Aftermarket" catalytic converter from local independent shop: $420 (and that's installed.) Guess which one I'm buying after we get home from this trip?

John spent a lot of time today checking electrical systems and doing things like that. In fact I hear him banging away now, and it's 10:42 at night. I think I'd better go tell him to call it a night. The neighbors might want some peace and quiet.


Blogger Deborah said...

Girl, I'm lovin this trailor story. I've always wanted one of them. I've even considered parking one in my garden as cottage concept...

7:55 PM  

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