Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Obviously the picture-posting thing still has me stymied. I will get it. I have gotten as far as successfully getting pictures posted on Flickr. If you go to Flicker and search (using the blue search button and an empty field) it will let you search People. If you enter azhamills it will let you see the handful of pictures I've put up, most of which are relevant to my posts. There is a picture of my finished Back-Tack III goodies before I packed them up, and one of my big-as-a-preschooler's-head Magic Yarn Ball. There are a couple of pictures of my styrofoam cake, and a couple of flowers from my garden.

I'm working on a couple of other things that I hope to have pictures posted of soon. One is "Finish What You Start" started by Vicki of the fabulous and widely read http://turkeyfeathers.typepad.com for which I hope to have time to work on an embroidered table/dresser runner I picked up in pathetic un-finished condition at an antique store. Another is an awesome homemade cat toy swap started by Marty who has a terrific baby-blog (baby as in newly started, not about babies) at http://scatchcraft.wordpress.com . (As a fellow new blogger I am very jealous that she has gorgeous pictures. . . sigh.) Sign-ups over at Swap-Bot don't end until the 20th. Making cat toys is big fun, except the part where my cat (Bob) pushes his way into my lap and tries to swipe my project. Cat toys are so small and quick they are almost instant gratification. Another quick, fun project I like (since I took a jewelry wiring class) is making stitch markers. There's a stitch marker swap going on, too. It was started by yet another talented blogger, Katie, of http://katiesknitknat.blogspot.com .

But now I have to stop playing on the computer and find the son's dress clothes for tonight's orchestra concert (James plays cello), purchase a birthday present for the daughter of a friend of mine whose party we are going to (before the orchestra concert), and volunteer at Field Day (please, please don't let me get stuck with the water-balloon toss again!)


Blogger ariana said...

Hi there I am a fellow Back-tacker and just thought that I would briefly explain how to get a flickr photo into your blog post. It is really not scary I promise!

On your photo page in Flickr click on the photo you want to post to your blog.

It should open to a new page with a larger version of your photo. Above the photo in grey text will be lots of options like add note, send to group etc.. you will want to click on the all sizes.

This will open a new page with an even larger version of your photo. Above this photo will be size options, click on the size you want (medium is usually good).

This will show you the actual size of the photo on a new page and below the image will be a box of html code. The code is what you want. Simply copy the code from the box and paste it directly into your blog post. It will display as a photo once you publish your post.

I hope this helps, technology can be frustrating when it isn't working for you!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

if you still need help (yay ariana!) email me! i can get ya going - also, have you looked into photobucket.com --- easy peasy pic posting and free....

7:58 AM  

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