Friday, April 21, 2006

Ten Random Thoughts (footloose and fancy free)

1. If I didn't have a daughter, I wouldn't have sparkles in my dryer lint.

2. Guinea pigs are the most charming rodents I have ever had. I love to hear them talk (though not when I'm trying to sleep.)

3. Spring! Glorious SPRING!! Cherry trees and dogwoods and hawthornes, OH MY!

4. I should exercise more restraint with my nursery buying urges. Those 3 flats of primroses are not going to plant themselves.

5. Wilton buttercream is not BUTTERcream, it is CRISCOcream, but if they called it that, no one would eat it.

6. It's funny, when the weather changed, I lost all interest in any projects done in autumnal or wintery colors. The dark green sweater I am knitting for my husband, yuck. The nearly finished to-be-felted handbag in black, taupe and gray Cascade 220, humbug. Give me pink and lime and yellow and orange and robin's egg blue!

7. I like my husband.

8. I REALLY wish I hadn't fallen off the ski lift a couple of weeks ago, my knees are still bugging me. But I REALLY, REALLY wish I could ski well.

9. I wish I could do my housework outside when the weather is nice, I might do more of it.

10. It's time to make the popcorn! (I make popcorn at my daughter's elemenatry school once a month, and every Friday afternoon at my son's middle school for PTO, and it's Friday afternoon.)


Blogger Jennifer said...

Hi! I'll be making your back tack iii softie! good luck with the photos - i wish i could help. what ski lift were you on?

10:28 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

oh wait - you're making my softie! i'll get this right at some point...i still hope your knee is ok!

10:30 PM  

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