Thursday, April 13, 2006

Am I able to post a picture?

I am not having an easy time of this. I have dilligently tried to upload a picture for the last 3 days, leaving it for over an hour once, and still nothing. I don't know if it isn't possible with my dial-up connection, or maybe I need my pictures to have less resolution, or maybe I'm just trying to use Blogger during peak hours. My most recent attempt is to open a Flickr account and try to upload it to Flicker and then use that address to transfer it to Blogger. So far no luck there either. So I guess for now the answer is NO, I am not able to post a picture.


Blogger Pink Chalk Studio said...

Hang in there Sherry. I found your blog from the Back Tack III blog roll which I'm participating in too. I live on Bainbridge Island and your blog name caught my eye. I'm new to blogging and feeling the same frustration with all the technological logistics one needs to overcome. I use the Wordpress forum when I'm stuck, I'm sure Blogger has something similar. Good luck and I hope to see some of your pictures soon! ps you should consider changing your options on comments to allow 'anonymous' posts. I had to create a blogger id to leave you this comment.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

hi! have you tried

by FAR the easiest way on the web to post pics, and it's free :D

7:57 AM  

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