Monday, June 05, 2006

Plane tickets

Our friend Missy, from whom many good and fun things have come, moved to Maui a while back. She still owns her time share there and had banked several weeks, and has given two of those weeks to us. Isn't she terrific? She was in town over the weekend because of an unfortunate family event, and it was terrific to see Missy and her family no matter the cause. There was lots of talk at the table of all the things other people had seen and done on Maui, and things we needed to see and do. All very exciting stuff, although it is okay with me if we don't see Brittany and Kevin and if we skip the mongoose burgers. So I went home and checked the air prices, and it was $70 less each way than the last time I looked. Multiply that times both ways times a family of four and that is a savings worth waiting for. Whoo Hoo! We are going to Maui!

Saturday was a golden day. A morning and early afternoon of good youth soccer, and a late afternoon and evening at the Portland Rose Festival on the Willamette River. Good stuff.


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