Thursday, June 01, 2006

Magic Yarnball!

Sherry 009
I have signed up to be part of the swap Larissa at Stitchmarker started. It is a yarn ball with prizes and gifties in it. Apparently it was used in Victorian times as an incentive system for getting reluctant children to knit (knit a few yards get a prize, knit a few more yards, get a prize.) This totally would have worked for me, except I'm afraid I would have been disappearing into the closet with it, unwinding it to peek at the prizes, and winding it back up again. Then I dutifully would have done my knitting, but the thrill would have been gone (what can I say, as a child I was an awful peeker.)

I am having the BEST time doing up my yarnball for my swap-ee. The best. I already have a yarn ball the size of a child's head, and I still have about 20-25 yards of yarn left to wind. In fact, I would be out getting my last few inspired inclusions--if I could find my car keys. Sigh. Chronic problem. I'm a key loser. Anyway, my yarnball thus far includes:
Something to make
Something to use
Something I made
Something from eBay someone else started
Something to make art with
Something to to give away
Something thrifted that someone else made
And I think the yarn is pretty nifty.

My computer and Blogger were not getting along. Three posts disappeared into the ethernet. But now I have a NEW COMPUTER. Yippee! In fact, if my brand spanking new camera took ANY OTHER data card than the one it takes, I could just plug the card right into the computer and be good to go--but I had to have the one and only odd-ball card. Figures.

I plant flowers with the intention of cutting them to bring into the house, but then I never do because they last longer and look so nice outside (even if we only see them when we take out the trash,) so I never do. Last year I invested heavily in irises. Mmmm. Irises. I learned the hard way that irises turn into ugly, unsalvageable dishrags in the rain--so I cut all there were today and brought them in. They are lovely, and the vase next to the computer just gives me kind of a flower-high. I took a picture. It's on the computer-incompatible-Olympus-specific data card. I have to find the cord and spend some time figuring it out, I know. I know.

Sherry 005 (Hee, hee. I have pictures, now!)


Blogger Rebecca said...

yipes! as big as a head?!?
you're giving me a lot to live up to. i sure hope our partners are not supposed to be secret, because *shhhhh* i'm yours! peeking in on your space to get some ideas of what to wrap and wind in your yarn :D

9:45 AM  

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