Thursday, April 27, 2006


Audrey (my daughter) turns 11 on Sunday. Tomorrow after school I am driving 3 girls to Renton (just south of Seattle) to A. Check into our hotel, B. Go to the Gigantamundo mall in Tukwila, C. Eat dinner someplace fun (fortunately "fun" places to eat no longer means loud pizza places with video games), D. Back to the hotel to swim, E. Sleep (wishful thinking, right?) and after a fabulous inclusive hotel breakfast, to take a lunch time ride on the dinner train ( ) which includes a tour of the Columbia Crest winery, then home again to Longview ( ). Sounds like fun, and it was all Audrey's idea, but it makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I'm getting old. Because of this birthday trip, I will miss our first home soccer game (James' team, which John is coaching and I am therefore assistant coaching.) They will have to do the whole put the nets up, coach the game, distribute snacks, take the nets down thing without me. Hope it goes well.

I have been taking the first part of the Wilton cake decorating class at Michael's. This has meant baking a cake and making over 2 lbs of frosting every week. It is very, very busy. Next week I have the last class of part one on Tuesday and the first class of part two on Thursday. Everything I own seems to be covered in powdered sugar and Crisco.

Sherry 001I have officially started my BackTack III stuff. It is not all in my head (and a bag of fabric in the basement) anymore. Cutting out and embroidery has happened. I had to make a trip to the fabric store for buttons today, and I managed to lock my keys in the car. Fortunately it was a beautiful day for a walk home to get the keys and beg a ride back from a neighbor.

Time now to go clean the car for the Renton birthday adventure.


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