Monday, May 01, 2006

Post Birthday

The car is cleaned out. The duffle bag is almost empty and the laundry is almost done. The girls' trip to Renton was a smashing success, except that I shut my purse in my car door after dinner on the way home and dragged it down I-5 for a number of miles at 70 mph before a kind gentleman pointed it out to me. So I am down one lime green leather bag that suffered irrepairable road rash, a pair of sunglasses, and Audrey's digital camera. The loss of the digital camera with all of her pictures taken since Christmas, including the birthday trip, was a tragedy that threatened to end the whole 30 hour expedition on a sour note. We backtracked and recovered the severely mangled camera, with the memory card intact, and all was well. The trip went something like this: leaving after school, we drove, we shopped, we ate, we swam, we watched Animal Planet until 1:00 AM, we slept for 8 hours, we ate, we walked aroud Renton waiting for the train to board, we rode the train, (we ate,) we took the winery tour, we browsed through a pottery show taking place at the winery, we stopped back at the Salvation Army thrift store discovered durning the pre-boarding roam, we drove, we ate, we drove. We dropped off girls at their respective stops and didn't get home until almost ten ourselves. Who knew that the Salvation Army Thrift Store would be a highlight for a bunch of 11 year old girls? Everything was 50% off and it turns out my daughter has very clever and practical friends.


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