Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Certified. . .

I am a CriscoCream and certificate wielding graduate of Part I of the Wilton cake decorating course. Yes, I can make a Wilton rose, and my icing consistency is "excellent, really excellent." I start Part II tomorrow. I don't know if leaving the preparation for class until the last minute is stressing me out so that I'm not relaxing and enjoying it, or if I'm just not into the frosting arts. I'm reasonably proficient, but I'm not having fun. I have some warped idea that it's a skill I should have.

Despite having cut out my stuffie for BackTack, I picked up yet another black and white fabric, and am thinking about substituting it for the panels I made out of the gorgeous but unstable challis I made one side out of. I also picked up some mysterious magnetic things to experiment with, which may or may not end up on the finished project depending on whether it works and hides well. We'll see.

Crafty Wonderland is coming up at Doug Fir in Portland May 14. I'm planning on going again, for the arts and crafts, despite the fact that the first one was DARK and CROWDED and not really conducive to browsing as it was rather like getting herded around obstacles with the other cattle (in the dark).


Blogger Jade said...

Good luck with your class, I have been through both, and like you didn't have fun. But, in the end, it did pay off, even if its only in 'family' cakes and the occsional wedding cake for a friend. You will appreciate how much more proficient you are with the whole process. Again, good luck!

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