Monday, December 08, 2008

Working Hard

ACK! The holiday season snuck up on me again this year! I heard women talking about how it was a late Thanksgiving that is giving us fewer days before Christmas. Since I don't do Christmas until after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I'm using this as my excuse.

I've been knitting and knitting and crocheting and knitting. Hopefully everyone will have a little something in time for mailing and gift opening. I don't want to post too many spoilers here, since some of the family stop by to read the blog occasionally. Every household on my gift list is getting one of these:

Sherry 018

What is it and what is it for? I'm not telling, but the knitting book it came from displayed one on a dog, and the Gardners are the only one's I'm sure will use it.

Sherry 017

The afghan I'm making is about 40 inches in diameter, and I think the pattern said to make it 54 inches, so I've got a ways to go on it. I'm making mitts like a mitt making demon (sometimes a surly mitt making demon,) and I've discovered I like the first mitt way better than the second. I have to tell you, while maybe I'm not wishing there were more one-handed people on my gift list, I am tempted to give one glove with instructions to just keep the other (naked) hand in a coat pocket.

James got first place at his last Knowledge Bowl competition as captain of the Junior Varsity Team.

Audrey is getting ready for Winter Ball. She has her dress already and is working on the dance committee. She is a pretty happy camper these days: her English teacher told her he is giving her an "A" for the rest of the school year (today is the midpoint of the second quarter,) and she is to do independent study as he feels she is working above grade level. This is making her doubly happy because James was never offered independent study, and she feels like she has FINALLY achieved something he didn't do first.

We went to John's office party on Friday: potluck at the Moose Lodge with a keg (seriously--would I make that up?) The "providers" in the office (the doctors, physicians assistants and nurse practitioners) give the party as a gift to the support staff, meaning the providers all have to pitch in $100 and then the office managers hire a DJ and make a big Costco trip and buy door prizes. I prefer a good White Elephant gift exchange myself, but to each their own.

James drew and made templates for a gingerbread cathedral. There are eight pounds of gingerbread dough in the refrigerator awaiting the construction. More on that later.


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