Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Mittens!

Very boring picture, but we're in the middle of a multi-day rain, so I had to photograph them inside with the flash.


These are my very first mittens! They are headed off to San Francisco as part of the latest Afghans for Afghans campaign. I was able to use the pink Moda Dea Cartwheel yarn I had left over from my afghan. This is a good thing as I had two full skeins of the hot pink remaining, and it's not a color that works in our house, or for me or Audrey.

James is home sick today. I was tempted to wake him up earlier. He's going through a growth spurt and puts on inches every time he goes to sleep, it seems. He's now bypassed his dad's 5'10".

John and I are going to take a drive later to look at the rivers in the area (the Cowlitz in particular.) We are on the edge of what the weather maps indicate as a flood zone from this storm system. So far what this has meant to us is a couple inches of water up to the center line of the streets in places where the storm drains are clogged with leaves. We are pretty safe from flooding, but areas within about 20 miles of us were under quite a bit of water last year.


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