Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cozy Needs a Sweater

If you sit or lie down at our house, you are likely to get dogged:

Cozy & Audrey

If it is chilly in the house (like it is now and will be until next June,) your likelihood of having a dog in your lap (or draped across your shoulders)increases quite a bit. Here's why:

Upside Down Cozy

See that belly? That dog has a lack of hair on her belly, and only a thin, silky layer of hair on top. That leaves her chilly, which makes her overtly cuddly in cold weather. I posted on Ravelry (I am having serious fun on Ravelry) in the "For the Love of Pitties" group asking if anyone had made their pit bull a sweater. Bingo! Yes, those very clever Ravelry-ers had.

Upside Down Bob

(Bob does not need a sweater, Bob is well furred.)

Now the only thing is to find the time. We are now at the beginning of our indoor season here, and I need to do some serious cleaning and decluttering of the house. "Necessities Only November" does not include take-away and drive-through food, so I'm cooking and washing more dishes than I am accustomed to (though it's a good thing, really.) I am trying to do a handcrafted Christmas like never before, partly due to financial pressures, and partly because my knitting skills have finally advanced past garter stitch scarves. My time at home is pretty busy.

I finished this very practical object yesterday:

Maine Morning Mitt

It is half of a pair of Clara Parkes' "Maine Morning Mitts," and I am over-the-moon proud of it and have already cast on for its mate. I've been really wanting to make mitts for over a year now, and my knitting skills have finally gotten to the point where I can make them. I want mitts. James wants mitts. Audrey wants mitts. John will wear mitts if I give him a pair. They will keep our hands and wrists warm while still allowing us to type, pet dogs, open doorknobs, play the cello and all those other things we do. The first pair is for Audrey, who has Raynaud's Phenomenon, which cuts down on blood flow to her fingers when they are exposed to cold (part of the whole auto-immune problem of hers.) She picked out the cream colored Paton's Classic Wool. I am revelling in the power of knitting today---every time Audrey has given me a hard time I say "Do you want the second mitt?" and I automatically get what I want. It's magic. If only the same thing would work for controlling the dog's behavior:"Do you want that sweater?"


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