Monday, October 27, 2008

Yarn Diet.

A new (today) picture of Norman:
Norman on Knit Picks Imagination Seven Dwarves
If this was a LOLCat I would caption it "Yarn Diet not going so well akchually."

Norman is doing really well. When I first posted on the blog after we adopted him,I called him robust, and I think that's a pretty good descriptive word for him. He plays hard. The dogs (and everyone else) have accepted him as part of the pack. He purrs like a champion. We think we'll keep him (though we aren't so sure about the claws--we are against declawing in theory, but in practice--we're all getting poked full of holes.)

Now about that yarn diet. . . . We are supposed to be having a "Necessities Only November." Yarn is not a necessity. Not really. The three skeins of fingerling-weight hand-dyed superwash-wool/alpaca/nylon under Norman in the picture don't count, as they were ordered before the concept of "Necessities Only November (and the rest of October)" came to be. But I fell off the wagon today for a $1.76 skein of acrylic (ACRYLIC!) Audrey and James would say it goes to show what a problem I have when it comes to yarn. We won't talk about the two clearance-priced skeins of Noro Silk Garden on their way here, it was clearance priced, and I had just been seduced by Brooklyn Tweed's "Turn a Square" hat. This is a seriously good looking hat ( ) and named after a White Stripes song. It has been all White Stripes all the time around here lately (seriously, "Seven Nation Army" plays in my head.) James NEEDS this hat, and I didn't have a single self-striping yarn in the stash (if you don't count dishcloth cotton, or sock yarn.)

Do not feel sorry for me about the yarn diet. I recently organized the stash and I am well prepared to knit/crochet through this time next year (and the year after, and possibly the next year, too) if I just plan my projects around what I already own. A couple of months ago we went to a yard sale given by a woman who had closed her yarn shop and was trying to get all her remaining inventory out of her garage. We made it there in the last 10 minutes of the sale and she gestured at the bins and stacks and piles of yarn and said "$1 skein." My family was waiting in the car and she was sporting a heinous sunburn from being out in her driveway all day, so I didn't have the luxury of leisurely picking and choosing. I said "wool" and she threw things out of bins and stacks and piles at me and I took home 152 skeins of good quality yarn, some with their $10=$15 price tags still on. I have those 152 skeins in addition to everything else that has followed me home from yarn stores and caught my eye online. So I'm set, all I have to do is figure out what to do with the grab-bag variety of colors and styles. Ravelry has been an awesome tool for this, I just type in the type of yarn and see what other people have made with it. Many of the patterns are free on-line or already in my library. It's pretty cool.

Currently I am trying to make Christmas presents. I finished a hat just last night for that purpose, and have something else on the needles already. It's good to have a crafting purpose. I suffered a bit of a let-down after I finished the Afghans for Afghans afghan. I coped with it by making tiny hats.

Big Knit Hats

I was supposed to go the Mason Dixon Knitting book signing at Powell's a couple weeks ago to turn over my tiny hats to get sent off to England to top off smoothie bottles as part of an ingenious fundraiser to help English oldsters. But I missed the signing, which was in Portland on a work/school night. So I will tweak my sizing (some of mine are on the smallish side,) make some more (making tiny hats is addictive,) and send them off for next year's Big Knit. Innocent Smoothies collects the little hats, and in the month of November they put them on their product at Sainsbury grocery stores. For each hatted bottle sold they donate 50P (about $1) to the Age Concern, a charity for seniors which among other things, helps to pay winter heating bills.

Big Knit Hat with Flaps

Time to go make dinner, and do dishes, and clean off the table. I have a Halloween costume to make. More about that later.

All pictures in today's post courtesy of Audrey. Don't forget to visit Audrey's blog at


Blogger kelebek }{ said...

I love how the afghan turned out, I am sure the recipient will appreciate she can be warm and have a pretty blanket!
The garage sale sounds insane! I would have done just the same.
I am having a bit of a yarn diet in November as well. I named mine "No New Yarn November" We will survive!

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