Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread in Progress

No roof yet, but the walls are up, the windows are in, and there is snow on the ground:

Candle Lit

The pictures are not so great (the edge of the fruit bowl is in this one,) but at least you can see we are working on it.

Walls and Windows

The windows are made out of caramelized sugar. I'm using royal icing made with pasteurized egg whites from a carton.

John thinks the roof needs slate tiles, so I bought a box of Wilton fondant (since no one will be eating it.) I'm hoping once the roof is on he changes his mind.

James is pretty pleased with the progress, but the fun was in the designing and not in the baking and construction for him. He did help hold up flying buttresses for a while. Flying buttresses are a pain (in the butt-ress.)

Tonight we get to go listen to live Christmas music at the high school. The chamber orchestra is accompanying the choir, and the son will be playing his cello.

Giant James

We totally got gypped out of a snow day today. The precipitation missed us by about 30 miles. Cars had to have chains going through Portland last night, and they are mostly shut down, but we got nuthin'. A couple of pretty little flurries, and no accumulation whatsoever. We did get the cold, though. I had to stop on the way to school this morning to scrape the ice made by our breath on the INSIDE of the car windows.


Blogger Jen said...

Wow. My two had a ridiculously good time putting together a pre-baked Wilton candy-explosion house this weekend, but your cathedral is just amazing. The sugar windows are gorgeous. And lights in there? Wow.

9:55 PM  

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