Thursday, June 19, 2008


I needed to get back into making some finished projects, so I went back to one of my favorites: dishcloths. Normally I make dishcloths to give away, but these are for my kitchen. The kitchen that we tried to paint purple, but after 6 different shades abandoned for something my husband calls "Harvest Gold," the paint company calls "Arizona Tan" (appropriate considering my origins,) and I call "Goldenrod" (surely I'm not the only one who misses goldenrod from the Crayola box----seriously, what color do little girls color Cinderella's hair now? "Mac and Cheese?") Anyway, here is the attempted dishcloth glamour shot:

Sherry 391

These are both crocheted. The cool thing about dishcloths is that you can try out new stitches without taking on a huge commitment like an afghan. I'm really liking the top one.

I'm picking the kids up at the airport today. They are coming home a couple days early from visiting their Grandma Pat in New Mexico. I missed them and will be glad to have them home, but worry about the family dynamics that make it so that my daughter and her grandmother can't get along for a week. James was only there one full day, and after being uncomfortably caught in the middle and trying to keep the peace, he was ready to come home, too.

The kids will be home to help with the preparations for the two week trip to Hawaii. This is going to be an adventure, Oahu and Maui on the strictest of budgets for maximum vacation fun. More on that later.


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