Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dollhouse Sweets and Petite Treats

Tiny Treats

These dainty goodies are from Grace's Etsy shop. Grace is the phenomenally talented daughter of the phenomenally talented (and also very nice) Vicki of Turkey Feathers and Pattern Bee.

My own daughter happens to be a donut junkie and when I saw the tiny charms that were part of Grace's last Etsy inventory update, I knew Audrey needed one, or maybe two. We just opened these yesterday as part of the gifts-we-forgot-scavenger-hunt. There was much squealing and ooohing and aaahing over these, (for heaven's sake, just look at the packaging!) Audrey promptly found a chain, she's wearing the pink sparkly one when she goes back to school tomorrow. They are the perfect accessory for the girl who sings "She is Drawn to the Doughnuts" at the grocery store.


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