Friday, December 08, 2006

Checking in...

I haven't posted in ages. How does that happen?? Part of the problem is that it's gray and cold and rainy and hard to take pictures to accompany posts. Part of it is being busy.

I have cookies in the oven. They aren't Christmas cookies. They are oatmeal. Not even oatmeal raisin, just oatmeal. Audrey doesn't like raisins or nuts in her cookies. I will then make a sheet of ones that have raisins in them, and make the rest with nuts. Then everyone is happy, right?

The whole missing Kim family ordeal was very emotional for me. It was a local story and there was near constant coverage it seemed. I was just finishing watching Martha Stewart when they found James Kim. They reported him as being found alive and I went through that incredible lightness of being and was doing the happy/thankful dance around the livingroom when they said they made a mistake. . . sometimes I hate the media.

My puppies are in disgrace. They have figured out how to escape the fenced back yard. This is a problem. Currently they are only allowed outside for escorted potty breaks. They aren't any happier about this than we are.

I am taking a knitting class in St. Helens (Oregon) on how to make cables. This is very exciting and going very well. I tried to make cables by following pictures in knitting books, and it never seemed right--turns I WAS doing it right, it just didn't seem like it. I'll have to show pictures, it's very cool.

My best friend in Longview is moving to Utah. Utah is very lucky to be getting her. Her husband currently is commuting 55 miles each way to work, and in Utah he will live 5 miles from work. This alone is a good reason for the move. But I'll miss them.

We are going to Texas for Christmas to visit John's dad and his wife, and John's grandmother, who is our last surviving family member of that generation. They are some of our very favorite family and it will be good to see them--but it sort of wrecks havoc with the whole Christmas celebration at our house. No tree. Humbug. Unfortunately another family member with whom I do not see eye-to-eye will also be in Texas for Christmas. Sigh. I think I'll take my knitting, it's easy enough to seem totally engrossed in knitting. And wine, I think I'll take wine. Or maybe vodka.

John's office Christmas party was last week. John's band played. They were quite good, but LOUD. Much dancing was done by inebriated office girls. They are calling it a success. I got about a foot done on a really delicious scarf made out of Muensch Touch Me--then discovered and irrepairable mistake in the second inch and had to rip back, way back, so far back that it wasn't that much of a loss to take out the whole thing to change to smaller needles. Sometimes it just works that way.

The hospital Christmas party is tonight. In 4 minutes actually. I should probably get out of jeans and wooly slippers. Usually one blog entry breeds another, and I'll get back into the swing of things.


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