Thursday, December 14, 2006


How do you prepare for a possible black-out? We've got a high wind warning in effect tonight, with 70 mile per hour winds and downed trees and powerlines likely. I made six trips from the woodpile to the back porch with firewood. There's a fire in the fireplace, there's beans and chili in Thermoses and hotdogs to roast over the fire if necessary. I'm filling the jumbo thermal coffee pumper with hot water for tea and hot chocolate. I went out and stocked up on flashlights and batteries. There are board games at the ready. I suppose I should get the ironing for tomorrow morning done now, just in case.

The bad thing about the storm is I opted to call Knitdivas and tell Jenny that I wouldn't make it to my cable class tonight. It was the last class, too. I wanted to show off this swatch of an "oxo" cable I made from a chart (my first knitting chart!):

oxo cable swatch

It loses some definition with the flash photo, and I used some yucky cotton yarn I got for $1 a ball because it was just a swatch. But look, I can cable!


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You go girl!

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