Saturday, November 25, 2006

Warming Kaitlyn Knitting

Knitting pretty pink squares out of merino and cashmere/merino is becoming addictive. My own daughter decided that she didn't like pink and black was her favorite color when she was six years old, so it's fun to indulge in some girly-ness for a change. Ariane said she had a tremendous response to this project, so I'll probably stop (though somewhat reluctantly)after the striped square>

Warming Kaitlyn Squares

My "Black Friday" shopping was limited. I did hop out of bed at 5:00 AM to go to Fred Meyer, where I achieved everything I was after. Then I went home and crawled back into bed. By the time I mosied into Target about noon, it looked like it had been hit by locusts. No Legos for me, and they were out of the $5 copies of Pride and Prejudice. Oh well, if you snooze you lose on Black Friday.

We are having a break in the rain currently, a good thing considering that with 5 days left in the month we have already broken the record for the rainiest November in the last 30 years. We are going to work on getting Christmas lights up on the house. We got another one of these this year:

Sherry 157

Apparently it's our civic duty to decorate.


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