Sunday, December 17, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane. . . .

I'm in the final hours of getting ready for the family trip to Texas for Christmas. Usually we visit the Texas family during August, for John's grandmother's birthday, but last August our friend Missy had booked her timeshare in Maui for us during that time. The fact is that Grandma Hamill is 98 years old, and still sharp and fun to be with, and we want to spend time with her while we can. So off we go for the holidays.

I still have some laundry to do. I still have to buy dog food and take the puppies to the kennel. I still have to clean guinea pig cages and give a key to the neighbor. I have never prepared for a military campaign, but I have always imagined that packing a family of four for a trip has to be pretty similar.

I asked John if he thought airport security would have a problem with me taking my little metal cable needle on the airplane. He said no, they would let me put it in the suitcase and take it on the airplane. I said no, I wanted to take it ON the airplane. He said I told you they would let you have it in your suitcase ON the airplane. Smartass. (Better a smartass than a dumbass, right?) I gave him a look and said yes, but I wasn't going to be knitting in the baggage compartment with the suitcase. I didn't buy the plastic Clover cable needle because I had metal Boyle ones, now the yarn shops are closed and Michaels only has the metal ones. Bother. I'm pretty sure I can handle it on a dpn (double pointed needle--and a bamboo one, not an aluminum one that could be potentially dangerous,) but still. . .BOTHER.

John had to work today, and I'm picking him up at the hospital on the way out of town. For those of you who know us, and John in particular, please send positive thoughts that when I told him WE HAVE TO LEAVE BY NOON, it stuck, because this time it really means noon and not 1:30. When I drove him to work early this morning it was dark, and there had been a hard frost. I came home and searched for a digital camera, finally having to wake James up to find it in his room. It is my new camera, but I did say he could use it. I drove back out, eager to take some good shots of the frosted trees and Christmas lights. I got downtown, parked the car, focused on my first tinsel lamppost angel and took an okay, but not great shot. I got closer, refocused the zoom. . . and got the "replace battery" message and the whole thing shut down. BOTHER. KIDS! Anyway, here's my picture of one of many of the plastic and tinsel lamppost angels, which I think look perfectly small town and vintage in our circa 1920-1930 downtown:

Christmas Angel

(She's blowing a big trumpet.)

Oh, and as for the big wind storm, we didn't suffer any damage. It blew all the gates in the back yard open, but nothing more than that. The power never went out. . .but I was prepared. Although I have to tell you. . .DON'T PUT A FIRE IN THE FIREPLACE IN PREPARATION FOR A WINDSTORM (even if the power is supposed to go out.) Gusts of wind blew right down the chimney and filled the whole house with smoke and sprinkled ash over everything within about 10 feet of the fireplace.


Blogger Deborah said...

What? Wind blows down the chimney?? Who knew??

I have a new digital camera because my teenage son dropped my other trusy one. Also, speaking of kids, I hide AA batteries. My 12 year old goes around lifting batteries from any electronic device (mouse, radio, pace maker...) to use in his gameboy.

Have a great trip!

6:48 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes the other week!

2:13 AM  

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