Monday, August 14, 2006

Back Home

We got back home at 1:48 this morning. No pictures because I am suffering from "Where-Did-I-Put-the-USB-Cable-for-the-Camera-?-itis."

It was a GREAT vacation. REALLY GREAT. Truly GREAT. I never would have guessed how much I would like snorkeling. It's super. It's so super I can't wait to do it again and I think everybody (EVERYBODY!) needs to put snorkeling on Maui on their list of things to do. The water is warm, and there are FISH in it. LOTS of fish. You know all those beach towels and screen savers and shower curtains with the tropical fish on them? It's just like that. You put your face in the water and boom! there's fish.

Because of the increased security due to the thwarted bombing plot in London, I didn't take any of my craft projects on the flight home. Not much progress was made at all in the crafting department. It was much more of a "lets run around this place we haven't been and do all there is to do in case we don't make it back again" sort of vacation. We circled the entire island, and it was GREAT, but I couldn't find the second skein of yarn for my Pink Scarf Project scarf, and I can't do anything but garter stitch (which I don't have to look at) in the car, because I get car sick. Bad car sick. (I puked in not one, but two brand new cars when I was a child. One belonging to a great-uncle visiting from Minnesota and one belonging to my mother's new husband. They should've stopped.) Also, if you expected a post card and didn't get one, please don't be upset, no-one else did either. I left my stamps at home. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Maui is a fantastic place to visit. Many MAHALOS to Missy for giving us the push to go over there by offering us a place to stay. (More on Maui when I find the camera cable.)


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