Saturday, July 29, 2006

Show and Tell

Share your sugar bowl (via Suse at Pea Soup):

Fresh-O-LatorWhen John's dad moved from Kentucky to Texas we acquired the Fresh-O-Lator in the shedding of possessions that goes along with moving. Kentucky was my first experience with living in a humid climate, and I had been grossed out by the musty smell that sugar would pick up in the dampness. The Fresh-O-Lator solved that problem, and has had sugar in it non-stop ever since. It holds a five pound bag of sugar, is convenient enough for spooning into tea or cereal, and is big enough to scoop out of for baking. I've purchased a couple more on e-Bay in varying stages of condition, but this is the original.

Wedgewood Countryware Sugar and Cream

This is what gets used for company, or occasions when I have to schlep the coffee to a meeting at school. It's my only Wedgwood, these two pieces of Countryware. We got them in exchange at a liquidator in Phoenix when we returned a non-functional piece of stereo equipment we had purchased. They didn't offer refunds, but when they said we could have store credit, I already knew what I wanted. They are perfect, and I like to hold them.


Blogger Suse said...

I love the Wedgewood sugar bowl and milk jug. They look like they would be beautiful to cradle in your hands.

Thanks for playing Show and Tell. (It's actually blackbird's game. I'm just a participant.)

10:29 AM  

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