Thursday, July 27, 2006

On Thursdays during the summer. . .

If you stand the northern corner of my front yard and look up the street you can see the north end of Lake Sacajawea, which is a two mile long lake, surrounded by park and walking/biking path.

View of The Lake

There are three playgrounds, two fountains, a Japanese garden, a place to hold the 4th of July logging competition, a couple of docks to fish for trout from, and on Thursdays during the summer (after the 4th of July) we can wander down for a free concert at Martin's Dock. Today James and I went to see Molly's Revenge, a Celtic band from California, perform.

Molly's Revenge

The temperature was perfect, the crowd was congenial, the music was good. There are definitely worse ways of spending a Thursday evening.

Summer Concert Series

There is nearly always a good turn-out for the concert series, though the older folks will leave early if the music is too loud. If you live in the area, you will run into people you know, it's quite the social event, and the music is almost secondary. Can you make out the lavendar gift bag belonging to the lady in the lower right of the picture? Shortly before I took this picture she had taken a stack of fat-quarters out of it to show her girlfriends the colors of her latest quilt.

Lake Sacajawea

Even the walk home was pleasant.


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wow, you live in a beautiful place!

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