Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ode to Lunch in Paia

I know it's Sunday and I'm behind in my blogging. . .but I am on vacation. One day last week, I think it was Wednesday, we went to Paia (not to be confused with Pilea the demon dimension from Angel, though they sound a lot alike.) Paris Hilton was seen around Paia when she was "dating that windsurfer," whoever that was. I was just as glad not to be there at the same time as Paris Hilton. Paia is a less-polished tourist trap than some of the others on the island, it still has kind of an artsy hippie feel in places, and there are surfers running around who look more like athletes and less like beach bums. We had a really terrific lunch here:Cafe Mambo in Paia

It had a fun ambiance with Moroccan lanterns and tile, original abstract art and world music playing. Also, I think they only hire good-looking people to work there, even the kitchen staff was good looking. I know everybody would rather see a picture of the guy behind the grill (or the tan little waitress with the belly button ring for you, Don,) but I'm not that comfortable taking pictures of strangers yet. So here's a shot of the restaurant:

Cafe Mambo, Paia

And here's a couple shots of Audrey, who was tired and over-heated and in a mood, can you tell?

Audrey at Lunch, Cafe Mambo

Audrey at Lunch, Cafe Mambo

Audrey at Lunch, Cafe Mambo

She might want to tell you what an abused child she is, getting dragged around Maui sightseeing when she'd really rather hang out in the condo and watch cable TV (which we don't have at home, my poor deprived children.) Anyway, despite the empty appearance in these photos, the Cafe was relatively busy and the food was abundant, very tasty, and not terribly expensive. If you're ever in Paia (not Pilea,) I'd recommend it, get the crispy pork burger, or the ahi burger, with the fries, or the salad. It was all good. They even have tofu and Garden Burgers on the menu. Next time I'm having the mango margarita.


Blogger Rebecca said...

she cracks me up to no end! next time you head to maui, take me instead. she can hang out here with my hoodlems :D

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