Thursday, August 03, 2006

Less Jetlagged.

Knitting progress on my scarf for the Pink Scarf Project has been made:Pink Scarf Progress

We've been having a busy time in Maui. Yesterday we drove around the north end of the Island with Missy. We stopped for lunch in Lahaina at the Cool Cat Cafe at 658 Front St. The building that the CCC was in had a koi pond downstairs.

James and Audrey and Koi

There were also a couple of companion stores there that Audrey and I went into, one called Quilts 'n Fabric, and one called Kitchen 'n Quilts. At Kitchen 'n Quilts a completed Hawaiian Quilted potholder was $8.99. At Quilts 'n Fabric a kit to make the same potholder was $14.99. I don't quite understand this. If I make the potholder myself, my labor is worth -$6. . . .Today we were on our own and after a leisurely bagels and lox breakfast (lox packaged up in Federal Way, WA) we went swimming at the beach at Mile Marker 14 on the Honoapiliani Hwy, though it was after 11:00 and the water was pretty choppy. We got cleaned up and went to the Iao Needle, which was spectacular. The island of Maui is made of two volcanos that flowed together to make one land mass, and the valley at Iao Needle is all that remains of the caldera of the one volcano. The other volcano is Haleakala, which we will be seeing later this trip.

Ioa Needle

Aloha for now!



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