Friday, July 14, 2006

Cat Toy Swap Received

I've been remiss in posting my cat toys I received from Marty (she even sent them Priority Mail to make sure I got them in a hurry!) To tell you the truth, the kids were excited when they arrived a week ago, and ran off to find the cats to play with them, and it has taken me a while to round the toys back up for the official photo shoot.

Received Cat Toys

I like the brown and aqua blue color combination she chose, and there was a really nice assortment of a pom-pom toy to dangle, a crocheted mouse to bat, and little knit finger sleeve with a fringe to tease with. They are a big hit with the cats, particularly with Bob, who is more of a toy aficionado. In fact, while I was trying to take pictures, THIS happened:

Photo Shoot Interrupted

And he didn't stop there:


I had to spoil his fun and tell him those are inside toys. I'm such a mean mom.


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