Friday, July 14, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball Progress

There's been a little of this:


(It's called frogging because you "rip-it, rip-it.") Fortunately that was just one motif. There has been progress made:

Yarn Ball ProgressAs I've been using the yarn the prizes fall out. It's great fun. (It's really too bad that Australian customs UNRAVELLED the entire ball I sent to Amanda.) I love the little needle holder, it's already been very handy as I've been sewing my squares together (it's more difficult to lose the whole needle case than a loose yarn needle, I haven't had to hunt for one during this project--Yippee!) And just look at the buttons! I didn't know what I what I was missing by not having a button stash. Rebecca shared some really choice ones. There's a My Little Pony and a couple of cute little rainbow bubble magnets. Hmmm. The piece of fabric didn't make it into the picture. I'll have to do something with it and show it later. This isn't the best angle for showing off the crocheting (I was trying to flatter the pony,) but it does show some of the beautiful colored slubs of silk in the wool. Did I mention it was HAND SPUN?


Blogger Rebecca said...

i'm so glad you've found something to make with your yarn - i can't tell you how this has been stressing me out... (i'm just freakishly insane like that)

7:31 AM  
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