Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cat Toys Sent

Sent Swaps

This is what I made for the Cat Toy Swap on Swap-bot. My recipients should be receiving their packages by now, and I've been wanting to share them. Judging by the way Bob and Smokey kept trying to steal them when I was working on them, I am considering them Cat-Approved.

The one on the top left is a copy of a little water bomb that my son got at the dollar store, which Bob thinks is the best toy EVER. He carries it around by the little tag, he likes to bat it around, he likes the people to throw it so he can chase it--for something that wasn't intended to be a cat toy, it works really well. The big blue provencial patterned thing is a "cat body pillow" like one I bought at a bazaar last Christmas, it gets hugged and kicked with the back feet. Then there's a mouse and a crocheted strawberry, with catnip and bells, I made them us as I went along and they are all a little different. I made extras of everything for my cats except the strawberry--I got tired of sewing on seed beads.

I really wanted to include something I had found at the pet store, but it would have violated the postal services "no liquids" rule, and I am a chronic rule follower. It was catnip scented bubble stuff--you blow bubbles and the cat gets wacky on cat nip while they chase them. That sounded like fun.


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