Friday, June 30, 2006

What does Independence Day Mean to You?

To my thirteen year old son it means:

FamilyOur first 4th of July here we were astounded at the fireworks that were legal and abundant. In Arizona, at least in Phoenix, we couldn't even buy sparklers. Our third year here in Washington we discovered something even more exciting: fireworks at the Indian Reservation. Yikes! Everything a budding pyromanic could wish for and more. We made a trip up to the Chehalis Indian Reservation last night to buy this year's Hamill Family assortment. They sell illegal fireworks, which is not what we were after---they just have an IMPRESSIVE selection---think fleamarkets of fireworks--MULTIPLE fleamarkets of fireworks. See that rocket there in the middle? I think my son would have slept with it last night if we would have let him. (That is a 56 quart/53 liter container in the back!)


Blogger Rebecca said...

what fun! i grew up in small town, USA where everyone got together, piled up the fireworks and had a grand time. good times. i feel like my kidlets are missing out not being able to set off their own. but we went to a great show :D

9:44 AM  

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