Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why I bought an Ott Light. . .

Beading content, because even though I'm very pleased with my latest project, it's part of a swap and I don't want to give everything away. This is a Rhodonite necklace I made a while ago that needs to be restrung. . .again. I took it apart twice while I was making it to get the repeats and the length the way I wanted them, and stayed up late getting it right. Then I got up in the morning to admire it and one of the dang crystals that looked just as black as the other crystals the night before was actually blue, and not navy-blue-almost-black, but screaming cobalt blue. Now I have the small folding Ott Light, so I won't make that mistake again. Yet I still haven't been motivated to take this apart. . . again.Sherry


Blogger Rebecca said...

oh suck! it's a truly gorgeous necklace - sorry 'bout the blue - but hey, got a new gadget! that's a bonus, right?! :D

9:42 AM  

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