Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Valentine's Day

Audrey and I are taking the Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste class at our local Michael's. Really it is probably too easy. I think it should probably be taken between the first and second classes, and I've had the first three. I wanted to incorporate all the elements for the first class cake into something I could be proud to photograph and add to my portfolio. So I bought the gum paste flowers kit, and spent my TV time last week teaching myself to make flowers. By the end of the week I was getting pretty good results. During the opening ceremony of the Olympics, I sat down at the coffee table with Audrey and we made all the flowers for her cake.

Here is mine:
Wilton Fondant / Gumpaste Class

And a close-up of the flowers:
Gum Paste Flowers

And Audrey's cake:
Audrey's Valentine's Day Cake

And her close-up:
Close-up Audrey's Wilton Fondant Class Cake

I think she did a really good job. She made it as a Valentine's day present for the boyfriend.

Something I didn't get pictures of yet was the orchid shrub John got me for Valentine's Day, which is entirely worthy of it's own blog picture. They are truly impressive.


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