Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Praise of Smaller SD Cards

I know the trend is toward larger and larger SD cards. I think the last one that came into our house was a whopping 4GB, but I miss the old ones. I miss the ones that ran out of memory before the camera was old technology and ready to be replaced. When I plug the card into the computer to download the pictures, it takes 3 years for the images to load. I have pictures on my SD card from when the dogs were puppies, from three Christmases ago, from summer vacations two different years. It takes a l-o-n-g time for these to all show up on screen so I can tell the computer I want to save the last 4 to Flickr so I can blog. I'm a 256MB kind of girl, or maybe I just really need a new computer.

Audrey was out of school all last week. James hasn't missed school, but he's not 100%. I've been trying to motor through with a sore throat and intermittent fever and chills, and I think John has had the sore throat on and off. Knock-on-wood we at least didn't get the flu-like virus that is going around.

Over the weekend Audrey and I got out some of the beads. Audrey wanted a couple of new necklaces, and I wanted to make a few things to put in with my St. Patrick's Day swap package.

Here is one of Audrey's necklaces:

Audrey's Car Necklace, II
(She's wearing the other one to school today, so it wasn't available for photographing.)

Here's some stitch markers and a charm for scissors:

Ravelry St. Patrick's Day Swap Stitch Markers

And a bracelet that I'm really rather pleased with:

Detail, St. Patrick's Day Bracelet

I'm half-way through the green cabled mitts:

One Down, 4 Rib Braid

I'm also trying to make the house hospitable for John's Dad's visit, which starts next week. Audrey's friend "Latonka" told me I was Super Mom, and housework was my Kryptonite. I don't know about being Super Mom (this may be sheer flattery because she was in the middle of a homemade cup cake,) but housework is definitely my Kryptonite.

John has been working on the remodeling of the hall bathroom. I really should take a picture of his beautiful job with the copper tubing for the shower before he puts the concrete wall board over it. I'm seriously glad plumbing is man-work. Seriously.

James had the regional Knowledge Bowl tournament yesterday. They came in 4th place, and I'm thinking this means they won't be progressing to state. He definitely had a good time with it, and is going to miss having practice twice a week. His band is supposed to start practicing at our house next month. Scary.

Audrey has decided she's through with middle school romance. She's in the process of letting the last boy know she's not interested, and I'm feeling very sorry for him, because he waited for her answer over a week while she was out sick, and he seemed nice. She's also doing all that make-up work for the week of school she missed, which is less than fun.


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