Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knittin' Mittens

Sherry 419

I'm about 75% finished with this pair for the Spring Afghans for Afghans campaign. I should really be working on other things. . .like my St. Patrick's Day project, or those Christmas presents. But they NEED the mittens, and mittens are EASY and make for excellent "chill-axing" knitting at night. (Cabling still requires too much of my brain to be good end-of-the-day tv-watching knitting.) This is Elizabeth Durand's "Basic Pattern for Children's Mittens" from the A4A website, in the 8-10 year old size.

This pair is knit with an unknown orchid and carnation pink wool from that $1/skein yard sale I hit last summer. To make the hand warmer and fuzzier (and prettier) I added a strand of laceweight mohair to the hand ("Mohair Royal" from Lana Gatto, also from the yard sale, also $1, despite the original $11 price tag.) I have two big "cakes" of the wool, about Cascade 220 size--so probably about 220 yds each (oh my, I'm having an epiphany---could the 220 in Cascade 220 be the YARDAGE??) I also have several more skeins of the mohair (which I am loving) in the baby pink, a dark chocolate brown, and a screaming red. Held double with the wool, the mohair makes these WARM.

Mitten Thumb

In the background you will see SNOW. It SNOWED last night. Not fun snow. Not snow that closed schools. Just really wet, slushy snow that froze overnight, making an obnoxious crust on the windshield and roads this morning. I'm tired of scraping. I'm tired of sliding. Winter can be OVER now. Seriously.

When I woke Audrey up this morning I told her it had snowed overnight "so dress accordingly." "Dress accordingly" apparently meant "go ahead and wear the mini dress and short sleeved sweater you laid out last night." She's ready for winter to be over, too.


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