Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Okay, for the Muggles: is a wildly popular quarterly knitting webzine with loads of great free patterns. is a social networking site for knitters and crocheters.

Every once in a while a pattern comes along that takes the fancy of the knitting community and people go nuts about it. Cheryl Niamath's fingerless glove pattern "Fetching" published on Knitty is one of these. As of this morning there are 10,308 projects for "Fetching" listed on Ravelry. When you consider that not everyone who reads Knitty is on Ravelry, and a lot of Ravelers (me included) don't get all their projects listed on Ravelry, well, that's an awful lot of "Fetching" fingerless gloves.

I started my Fetchings as a Christmas gift for one of my favorite people. Her favorite color is red. I used yarn from the LYS that promised fabulousness, a super-soft superwash wool from Italy (the tag is lost and oblivion is deserved.) I had to learn how to do a cabled cast-on. I didn't resent it at the time. I made three repeats of beautiful little cables. Then I hit the thumb and it all went to hell.

Fetching 3

"Fetching" doesn't have a thumb gusset. You make sort of a button-hole by knitting with a piece of scrap yarn instead of your main yarn and then you come back and rip out the scrap yarn and pick up the live stitches and use them to make the thumb. Huh. I like the thumb gusset better.

Fetching 2

And the knuckles. Sigh. The knuckles. Only one row of cables, and a funky picot cast off that flares away from the knuckles. I suppose if one had a fabulous manicure this might be a flattering and really cool feature. To me it's just kind of. . .well, cool. It lets a bit of a breeze in. And I just have a suspicion that if you stick your hands in your coat pocket, that they will want to roll back.

I finished the first glove in good time (despite the fact that the yarn is splitty, yuck,)I dragged my feet starting the second glove ("Oh man, you mean I have to do a cabled cast-on again?") got up to where the thumb is supposed to go and stopped.

I might have known anything named "Fetching" was going to give me trouble. I've been trying for over two years to get the dogs to fetch.

Oh well, the yarn is a pretty color, and it is soft, and I'm getting heartily sick of plugging away on my baby blanket. Maybe it's time to wrap them up and reclaim that set of DPN's.


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