Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dogs and Daisies

It is very hard to be Sherry-Nature-Photographer with two eleven month old pit bull/boxers in tow. ("In tow," implies I'm towing them. . . . which I'm working on, but right now I definitely spend more time being the tow-ee rather than the tow-er.) When I'm taking pictures, first there is the problem of manuevering two dogs on leashes and the camera when I only have two hands. Then there is the problem of standing still while holding onto two distractable dogs (we're also working on that.) And there is also the problem of the dogs wanting to figure out what it is that I find so interesting and getting in the picture, like so:
Daisies and Red Leash
And so:
Daisies with Blue Leash
Despite all of that, and a disagreement over whether or not they were going to take off into the woods after some very fascinating and urgent smell (possibly deer,) we had a good walk up on one of the logging roads this morning, and I did take a couple of pictures:
Sword Ferns

Foxglove Close-Up

Thankfully the weather is back to normal, upper 50's in the morning, 60's maybe 70 in the afternoon.


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