Friday, June 01, 2007

I Just Don't Want To (Whine)

Wallpaper Stripper

The ceiling tiles are in. They are even grouted. Now I have to finish painting the kitchen, and to do that I have to remove the wallpaper paste from one last wall. Sigh. (I just started reading a series of mystery stories. . .I'm not typically a mystery story reader. . .and I'm in book 4 of 11, and caterer/heroine was stood up at her own wedding when the groom was abducted, and he's still missing. Reading would be so much more fun than scrubbing off wallpaper paste and doing paint prep-work.)

Unfortunately all that prepping and painting has to be done so we can put up some of this:


Although the fancy "egg and dart" one on the bottom is lovely, it competes with the ceiling tiles, and we're going with the simpler (and easier to clean) one on the top. Power tools will be involved.


Blogger Jenny said...

Both moldings are pretty...did you put up a tin ceiling?

8:23 PM  
Blogger BabelBabe said...

i know those books - i got my own killer cinnamon roll recipe from one of them.

you seem to be very handy - wanna come visit and help me retile my powder room wall? Pretty please? I'll bake you gooey things....

4:24 AM  

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