Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Soccer

For the last 4 years we have coached soccer, for one or the other of our children's teams, two seasons each year: Spring and Fall. James is running track this year instead of playing soccer, so it's Audrey's team this season. It has been kind of nice this time around, because another dad has stepped up to be Assistant Coach, and I can step back from that position and just be Soccer Mom---I can even knit or read during practice---which is real luxury!

John was running practice on Wednesday, demonstrating how he wanted the ball to be kicked, and he sent the ball into the crowd of players. Audrey blocked it with her hand, and it bent her wrist way back with an audible "POP!" It's been x-rayed, it's not broken but we have a Wounded Child:


Here she is, on her way to her games on Saturday (a double-header!) with the wrist Ace-wrapped, padded with a pink chenille knee-sock (formerly part of an Energizer Bunny Halloween costume,) and Ace-wrapped again. John feels bad for hurting her, but if he was going to maim a child at soccer practice, I'm glad it was ours instead of someone else's.

Soccer Huddle 4.14.07

Here's John in the pre-game huddle at our first game. Audrey is number 3 with the white socks. There are a lot of similarly-sized girls with dark-blonde/light brown pony tails on our team, so that pink sock on her arm helped identify her for us this time.

Soccer 4.14.07

It would have been nice if I'd actually gotten the ball in this picture, but I wanted to include a game shot. Saturday we lost our first game 4-1, and tied our second one 2-2. It was too cool and too windy to be comfortable, but it was still an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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