Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beginning to Breathe Again

I am starting to recover from my Teacher Appreciation Week duties. Here's a picture of the centerpieces I did in the
"Staff Dining Room" (Teacher's Lounge.)
centerpiece teacher appreciation
I bought clay pots, cut a 2"x2"x4" piece of florists foam for the center, planted 3 Dusty Millers around the edges, and finished them off with big silk daisies. Three tables, total expenditure of $27, and I can re-use the pots and silk daisies and plant the Dusty Millers in with my irises.

Now that the teachers are all appreciated, and my PTO duties have returned to running the popcorn machine and manning the concession stand every Friday, I can return my attention to my family, my house, my dogs and other projects. The family is doing well. Both the kids will be going to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry next month for being finalists in the Battle of the Books, in which they had to read 10 assigned books and compete against other teams to answer "knowledge bowl" style questions about them. Audrey was chosen to be the mistress of ceremonies for the "Mustang Idol" talent competition that is taking place every day during the school lunch periods over the next few weeks as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. John is getting over the cold that all of the rest of us have all had and gotten over (the kids each missing 3 days of school,) so far he's handled it very well, none of that sick MAN whiny-ness that women complain about, and he hasn't missed a day of work or a soccer practice over it. I'm listening to an audiobook version of Tamar Geller's The Loved Dog in the car. I love my dogs, and for being 10 months old I think their manners are coming along nicely. Unfortunately the neighbors are apparently "all talking about them," and "everyone hates them," at least that's what I was told when they got out (again) on Tuesday. Aaaargh. I don't want to be "THAT neighbor," the one with "THOSE dogs." So I get to work harder on improving their manners faster (and John reinforced the fence, AGAIN.)

And I'm working frantically on this, even though I don't think I will make that May 25 deadline:
afghan for afghan progress
It's growing. It's showing progress. I'm working on it dilligently, but it may not make it specifically to the opening of the new clinic in the Wardak province, to be given to one of their new mothers as part of the Afghans for Afghans Mothers' Day Project.


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