Sunday, January 28, 2007

Potholder Swap Received

I received my potholders from Kathleen/Kiki a couple of weeks ago for a Potholder Swap from Swap-bot that we participated in. She knit these with a charted pattern and they are beautiful. This apple one is perfect for any Washingtonian (though I'm not planning on sharing with the other 5,894,120 people in the state.)

Apple Potholder from Kathleen/Kiki

But I have to say, my favorite is this one. Kathleen wasn't sure if it was a moose or a reindeer. It doesn't really matter, because we like both at our house, though I'm leaning toward moose. What do you think?

Moose/Elk/Reindeer Potholder from Kathleen/Kiki

Thanks Kathleen! I love them!


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