Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dogs Steal Yarn

I'm busy. School has started. Soccer season is underway, and I don't mean soccer in a drop the kids off at practice and go grocery shopping, or sit in the bleachers and knit and talk with the other soccer moms way. We are coaching Audrey's team, and here's my notebook with the positions assigned, and the soccer balls in the back of the mini-van to prove it:

Soccer Stuff

I haven't been doing big, involved crafting, to tell you the truth, it's hard to get any short, quick crafting done. (Actually, I've been tempted to blog the occasional pile of clean socks as "finished objects.") But I want to do SOMETHING, so I'm working on a Halloween scarf. A cheesy Halloween scarf, to wear at the kids' school while selling Boo-Grams the week before Halloween. It's made out of giant yarn (Lion Suede--I know, cheesy) on a giant hook (a J,) and I'm still blazing along at one motif made and joined a night, if I'm lucky. But hey, it's a holiday accessory and I wasn't looking for an heirloom quality work of art, I was just aiming for an orange and black scarf to wear for a week.

Halloween Scarf

Today, I was doing some baking and the puppies had the run of the living room and back yard, and I came around the corner and found THIS:

Puppied Yarn 2

Groan. If I had staged the photo I would have strewn some super-bulky baby-yellow chenile around, like I saw in the clearance bin at Fred Meyer today. But no, this is actually my black Lion Suede for my scarf, stolen by the puppies and joyfully (I'm assuming) dragged through the bark and blackberry bushes.

Dogs Steal Yarn is the name of Cari's great blog, which is one of the first ones I started reading. She's got a couple of gorgeous Italian greyhounds from a rescue organization, and a BEAUTIFUL baby boy, oh yeah, and she knits. You can check her out at .


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