Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September 27, 2006

I had a productive day today, laundry and dishes were washed, some picking up was done, errands were run. While I was dropping off some puppy food at the Humane Society (the vet had given me samples I wasn't going to use,) I ran into Karla-the-Puppies'-Foster-Mom and her husband. They have requested more puppy pictures, and I am happy to oblige:

James Holding Up Callie

Cozy 9/26/06

They are twelve weeks old, and weighing in at 18.6 and 19.4 pounds, they each gained about six pounds in the last three weeks. If they keep it up, by Christmas they'll be HUGE! For scale, here's Cozy in Audrey's lap:

Cozy and Audrey 9-26-06

Audrey CLAIMS to not like the puppies, can you tell?

One of the productive things I did today was to drop off packages for two swaps that I was very, very late with getting out (as in they were supposed to be sent off at the beginning of August.) It feels good to get them off to their recipients. Here are my wrapped packages for "Art and a Cup of Java:"

All Wrapped Up With Someplace to Go

This was a fun swap. We were supposed to send off a piece of original artwork, some coffee, a couple of new art supplies and a treat. It was fun to try to figure out what I thought the recipient would enjoy, I like doing that. But I hadn't done any drawing/painting in a very long time, before I had children, and I signed up for this one specifically because I thought the challenge of creating art again would be good for me. I was happy to find out I was rusty, but not incompetent. It was really good to do that sort of thing again, and I'm looking forward to finding some time to do more. This may be challenging---the puppies ate my artwork in progress---TWICE.


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Blogger Jennifer said...

oh my - the puppies have grown so much! (and what a fun sounding swap)

3:07 PM  

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